jwn (cooljwn) wrote in champnshipvinyl,

It is my DUTY to inform you of the...

KDVS in Davis needs money to keep bringing you the good stuff. Each April, we ask our listeners to help us out a bit. In return, we give our listeners GREAT MUSIC PREMIUMS. If it weren't a deal, believe me, I wouldn't post it here. Click on the pic below and check out what we have. It'll be totally worth it! It all starts up at MIDNIGHT Tonight!


Also, if you CALL IN and donate between the hours of 8pm-10pm (Pacific Time) on Monday night, then me and my cohost will totally sing for you! You have to call in to tell the operator what song you would like to hear. Don't worry, it's toll free!! Details on the flyer:

The Ed and Remy show!

Thanks for reading this, and check out KDVS on the web at http://www.kdvs.org. You can listen to any show whenever you want using our archives!!

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